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Color Interactions

In our Design II class this spring, we dove into the world of color photography by first doing some color studies. We were assigned to shoot monochrome images with only one color besides black, white or grey. Here is my example for cyan:

Then we had to photograph dual color relationships. This was my submission for red and green:

Then finally, 3 color interactions. Here is my cyan/magenta/yellow image:

All photos ©Eric Waters 2011


Available Light Product Shot

For our product lighting class, we were assigned to shoot an item with only available day or window light. I shot a carton of yummy chocolate Silk soymilk!

©Eric Waters 2011

Colored Water

These shots were done in the studio on medium format color transparency film with colored gels, hot fresnell lights, water and props. The blue one was shot to represent “cold”, the red one to represent “hot”, and the last one to represent “neutral” tones.

©Eric Waters 2011

Rock Paper Scissors Gallery

Rock Paper Scissors is an awesome hair salon/art gallery in Durham. They recently asked me to photograph an installation hanging there by Oakland artist Jon Carling. His stuff is very cool and  looked wonderful in the space. Check out his website and go definitely go to RPS next time you’re  in Durham!

Photographs ©Eric Waters 2011 / All Artwork  ©Jon Carling

Getting Snooty in the Streets

In Small Format class, we are learning about hand held strobes (flashes) for use when on location or shooting on the fly. We made cardboard modifiers which go over the strobe and control the direction of its light, called snoots. The shot below was done with a snoot on the flash. The background was purposely slightly underexposed to make the subject really pop. Thanks to classmate, Alyssa Paige-Murkin for being my awesome model!

©Eric Waters 2011

Get Your Goats Here

For Small Format class, we had to locate and photograph a farm. I found  Kilby Family Farms here in Asheboro, NC. They make goat cheese and milk! Goats are weird and obstinate creatures but can be very interesting models. Here are some photographs from my visit there. Thanks to the Kilbys for allowing me to take these shots.

©Eric Waters 2011

Alphabet Treasure Hunt

In our digital imaging class, we were assigned to photograph the whole alphabet in two forms, one typographical from signs, billboards etc. and the other from found environmental items. We then had to make a Photoshop layout for each. It was interesting to focus on all the different varieties of typography out there and also to search for “letters” within the shapes and forms all around us every day. Below is my completed layout for the typographical letters. I composited alphabet blocks on a shelf then put the photos of the letters on them.

©Eric Waters 2011


Teach Me How to Pflugie

In our large format class, we use Calumet view cameras. One of their unique properties is the ability to tilt, swing or slide their lens and film planes. This is called Scheimpfluging and allows for very interesting shifts of the focal plane in images.

Below are pictures of a cube. The middle one shows the plane of focus over the whole cube. The one on the left has the focus only on the top of the cube. The right one’s focus intersects the middle of the cube (click on image to view full size).

The image below of the Caterpillar tractor is an example of trying to apply this principle in order to alter perception of a image and control the point of focus. The focus here cuts through the center of the tractor and behind it, leaving things on either side out of focus (click on image to view full size).

© Eric Waters 2011


This summer, I am in class for school every day -but it wasn’t always that way! Here are three photo collages of some summer moments from various parks and recreational spots ’round the globe (click on the images for full size views).

People relaxing in the park.                                                                                             Top left and bottom: Jardin du Luxemborg, Paris                                                    Top right: Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Skateboarding!                                                                                                                      Left and Right: Central Park, Durham                                                                               Middle: Brooklyn

Beach sports on the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico.

All Images © Eric Waters