Getting Snooty in the Streets

In Small Format class, we are learning about hand held strobes (flashes) for use when on location or shooting on the fly. We made cardboard modifiers which go over the strobe and control the direction of its light, called snoots. The shot below was done with a snoot on the flash. The background was purposely slightly underexposed to make the subject really pop. Thanks to classmate, Alyssa Paige-Murkin for being my awesome model!

©Eric Waters 2011


2 responses to “Getting Snooty in the Streets

  1. Brooke Dishmon

    I really like this picture, the background that you picked out is a great choice and alyssa’s face expression and pose just works. I love the snoot effect, I think it just looks really good. Wonderful job, Eric.

  2. Nice job on the snoot flash. Alyssa looking to the side works great!

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