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Seven Star Cycles – Multimedia Piece

Our final assignment for Small Format class this summer was a multimedia piece in which we had to photograph and record a subject, then join the recorded sounds and images together into a multimedia presentation. I did my piece on the newly opened Seven Star Cycles in  Durham. Thanks to owner, Adrian Fletcher for being so patient and helpful and for bringing this great small business to the Bull City!


Wheels in Motion

In our Product Illustration class, we were assigned to photograph with the general concept of “wheels in motion” in mind.

This was my take on that theme:

©Eric Waters 2011

Here was the studio set-up:

Future Sounds

I took my awesome Harmon/Kardon USB speaker system into the studio and shot it using the black line glass lighting technique. These are the speakers that Tron rocks out with…

©Eric Waters 2011

Here is a photo of my lighting set-up:

Organic Breakfast

I am beginning second year in the commercial concentration at school and spent this first week shooting 3 tabletop shots! Here’s my yummy breakfast of granola, yogurt and strawberries!

©Eric Waters 2011