Fashion Flare

In the studio, I wanted to experiment with some high-key individual model fashion style shots. Caroline Simmons (a talented recent RCC graduate herself) agreed to model and we tried some different lighting styles and looks. I ended up liking the two shots below- envisioning it as a mock double page ad for a designer eyewear company. Thanks to Caroline for modeling while also giving lighting assistance on the set!

©Eric Waters 2011


4 responses to “Fashion Flare

  1. This is a very interesting diptych. The use of flare always ads a different feel to any photograph. I could see these being for an eyewear promotional campaign.

  2. This came out so wonderful eric! really beautiful, i know how much work you put into it and it was well worth it. i love the flare and the cool colors!

  3. Nice style and flare. Definitely works as a eyewear ad.

  4. Always good to have pretty Carolines around! Great shots.

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