RCC Photo Student for Mayor

For one of my self-promos, I decided to photograph a political campaign-style portrait. First year student, Lewis Perkins agreed to pose for me (as the candidate) and we shot outside the Asheboro City Hall. I underexposed the background to make him stand out and shot from a low angle to give him a sense of power.

©Eric Waters 2011

Here is a behind-the-scenes idea of the set-up. I had one strobe on a battery back with an umbrella and the awesome Courtney Satterfield assisting, holding a fill Unlike this picture, the strobe was on Lewis’ left in the final shot. Thanks to Lewis and Courtney for helping with this image!


6 responses to “RCC Photo Student for Mayor

  1. this is a great shot!!!

  2. Great angle! Well lit…… I would vote for him!

  3. Love it, this is a really great shot!

  4. Yeah, but will it get me chicks, you know, in truck loads?

  5. I’m pretty sure I saw you shooting this, Eric! It’s a great shot, and I’d say definitely gets your point across!

  6. Great portrait! The stair step of the building behind, the flag and the upward angle makes this really work. Nice work Eric!

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