Monthly Archives: April 2012

In the Garden

Here are some images from a recent fashion shoot. Beads, feathers, bamboo, gold, guitars and greenery… Thanks to model Katie Robinson, MUA Lex Ewing and my mentors, Joey and Jessica Seawell for collaborating with me on this project.

                                                                              All images ©Eric Waters 2012



I recently shot a series of products for ABAN (A Ban Against Neglect).

“ABAN is an organization working to solve two problems with one united solution. Every day, over 40 tons of plastic waste is thrown into the streets of Accra, Ghana. Every night, over 30,000 children fall asleep on those same streets. ABAN works with the street girls of Accra to help them learn a trade, make a living, and secure a future, as well as to receive the tools to transform their city into a healthier environment.”

Check out their work, donate or buy one their awesome products online- or soon at Whole Foods stores around the Southeast.


All images ©Eric Waters 2012

Love Valley Horses

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go along on a photo shoot in Love Valley, NC- a real town that looks just like a picturesque Old Western movie set. Not surprisingly, horseback riding is one of the most popular activities there and some locals were nice enough to pose and ride for us, both in town and out in a beautiful field of yellow mustard seed.



All images ©Eric Waters 2012

Spring Internship Adventure

These last two months I have been interning with the amazing commercial and editorial photographers Joey and Jessica Seawell.  They have taught me so much about successfully running a freelance photography business, from marketing and business practices to workflow and editing to scouting locations and selecting talent.  I have also been their assistant on fashion shoots, food shoots, magazine cover shoots and part of a stills crew on an independent film set. Along the way, they are always having fun and listening to good music! Here are some behind the scenes images from my time with them so far.


All images ©Eric Waters 2012