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iContact – Website Images

This spring, I worked with iContact in RTP to create some stock images for the website. We utilized volunteers and their offices as well as some locations in Chapel Hill to come up with some dynamic shots portraying their bulk email service as used by businesses and their interconnection to today’s advanced communication technologies.


Spring Internship Adventure

These last two months I have been interning with the amazing commercial and editorial photographers Joey and Jessica Seawell.  They have taught me so much about successfully running a freelance photography business, from marketing and business practices to workflow and editing to scouting locations and selecting talent.  I have also been their assistant on fashion shoots, food shoots, magazine cover shoots and part of a stills crew on an independent film set. Along the way, they are always having fun and listening to good music! Here are some behind the scenes images from my time with them so far.


All images ©Eric Waters 2012

Music Video – Miss Eaves!

Much of this semester has been devoted to learning multimedia production skills. Our biggest project has been to find a band or musician and shoot a complete music video with one of their songs. My group worked with the wonderful Miss Eaves! We had the video shoot a couple weeks ago and it has been editing editing editing ever since. The video will be done and posted next week. For now, here are a few screen shot previews.

Nifty Fifty

I just got the super cool, super economical Canon 50mm 1.8 lens. Look for more awesome bokeh and shallow DOF in the future!

Viewpoint Studios Internship Adventure

I am currently on my fall internship at a big commercial photo studio in Greensboro, NC- Viewpoint Studios. It has been a really productive and positive experience. It is a large studio that specializes in furniture photography but also shoots smaller products. There are a lot of talented, cool people working there every day- photographers, designers, salespeople, carpenters, models, clients etc.- to make the final images that get used in catalogs, packaging and online sites.

My sensei has been the awesome, indefatigable Mr. John Feimster. He has been teaching me about seeing the light while illuminating large interiors, working with DSLR video and editing on Capture One, as well as more esoteric advice on living life and being rock-n-roll. Below are some images from a massive video shoot we did for La-Z-Boy Europe/Asia to promote their salesroom spaces. Enjoy!

John Feimster in action!

Working the Porta-Jib

The 1000 square foot set we lit with tons of hot lights, Hollywood style!

And finally, here is an image of one of the furniture interior sets that I did most of the lighting on, with John advising:

All images ©Viewpoint Studios 2011

Day of the Modeling Dead

Halloween is on the way – and at the end of our photo shoot last weekend, my friend Laura Smearman was exhausted enough to lay on a bench in UNC gardens and “be dead”. Not sure she looks quite dead in these, but they do have some weird spooky mood and lighting to them. so Enjoy!

©Eric Waters 2011

The Dress Shoot

For my Spring Portfolio, I constructed a paper-mache dress/sculpture which made the model wearing it taller than normal. I envisioned it as a piece in a slightly surreal fashion-style shoot.

These first images are from the party when some very helpful friends and I made the dress while enjoying a sunny Spring afternoon. Thank y’all!

These are three digital shots taken while testing the lights and getting ready during the shoot.

Here are three digital outtakes of the amazing (and patient) model who wore the dress, Ms. Brittany Snider.

Finally, here is the diptych that was used for my portfolio. These were shot on medium format film and scanned here from negatives.

Thanks again to Brittany and also to the most excellent Walker Anderson for modeling and being an amazing assistant on the set!

All Images – Eric Waters ©2011