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Seven Star Cycles – Multimedia Piece

Our final assignment for Small Format class this summer was a multimedia piece in which we had to photograph and record a subject, then join the recorded sounds and images together into a multimedia presentation. I did my piece on the newly opened Seven Star Cycles in  Durham. Thanks to owner, Adrian Fletcher for being so patient and helpful and for bringing this great small business to the Bull City!


MultiMedia Preview – Seven Star Bicycles

Our final assignment this summer for Small Format class is a multimedia piece with photographs and sound. I am doing my presentation on the newly opened Seven Star Bicycles in Durham, NC. Here are a couple preview pics from the soon-to-be-completed presentation.

©All Images – Eric Waters 2011

Painting with Light at Night

In our Small Format class, we were assigned to use multiple pops of the flash to “paint” a scene at night with light. I went with some other students to a cool property in the country with lots of old vehicles and buildings, all sitting out in the dark. I decided to light up this old truck. The wonderful Courtney Satterfield channeled her inner James Dean and pop pop pop – this shot was created!

©Eric Waters 2011

I also experimented with a similar method in the studio using flashlights. Here is an antique banjo painted with blue and orange colored flashlights in the dark.

©Eric Waters 2011

Heavy Metal

For our Small Format class, we were assigned to photograph with flash at an indoor industrial location. I found the Randolph Machine Co. in Asheboro. The owner and workers were friendly and helpful and all the industrial machinery was perfect for photographing. I had to get an overall shot of the shop, a close-up shot of a worker’s hands and a mid-range shot of someone in their work area. Here is my submission for that last shot.

©Eric Waters 2011

36 Strangers

For our small format digital class, we were assigned to photograph 36 strangers and learn some basic facts about them. We had to take very close shots so that the person came close to filling the frame. We also had to use portable flash on 24 of them. During this assignment, I met a lot of new, cool people and heard some interesting life stories! Below are 12 of my favorite portraits. Enjoy!

Available Light

Fill Flash Outside

Inside Flash

All images ©Eric Waters 2011

Getting Snooty in the Streets

In Small Format class, we are learning about hand held strobes (flashes) for use when on location or shooting on the fly. We made cardboard modifiers which go over the strobe and control the direction of its light, called snoots. The shot below was done with a snoot on the flash. The background was purposely slightly underexposed to make the subject really pop. Thanks to classmate, Alyssa Paige-Murkin for being my awesome model!

©Eric Waters 2011

Get Your Goats Here

For Small Format class, we had to locate and photograph a farm. I found  Kilby Family Farms here in Asheboro, NC. They make goat cheese and milk! Goats are weird and obstinate creatures but can be very interesting models. Here are some photographs from my visit there. Thanks to the Kilbys for allowing me to take these shots.

©Eric Waters 2011

It’s In the Eyes

For our first assignment in small format camera class this summer, we were assigned to find a stranger with compelling eyes and take a portrait of them. I went to the Durham’s Farmers’ Market and met a lot of interesting folks who were willing to let me take a photo. In the end I choose this photo of Terra Omni, jewelry maker and yoga instructor extraordinaire!

©Eric Waters 2011