Love Valley Horses

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go along on a photo shoot in Love Valley, NC- a real town that looks just like a picturesque Old Western movie set. Not surprisingly, horseback riding is one of the most popular activities there and some locals were nice enough to pose and ride for us, both in town and out in a beautiful field of yellow mustard seed.



All images ©Eric Waters 2012


Spring Internship Adventure

These last two months I have been interning with the amazing commercial and editorial photographers Joey and Jessica Seawell.  They have taught me so much about successfully running a freelance photography business, from marketing and business practices to workflow and editing to scouting locations and selecting talent.  I have also been their assistant on fashion shoots, food shoots, magazine cover shoots and part of a stills crew on an independent film set. Along the way, they are always having fun and listening to good music! Here are some behind the scenes images from my time with them so far.


All images ©Eric Waters 2012

It’s In The Streets

For multimedia class, we storyboarded and shot 30 second commercials. My partner and I did a Nike shoe commercial that is meant to appeal to extreme sports kids. Enjoy!


Created by: Eric Waters, Kat Adams

Starring: Walker Anderson


Music Video – Miss Eaves!

Much of this semester has been devoted to learning multimedia production skills. Our biggest project has been to find a band or musician and shoot a complete music video with one of their songs. My group worked with the wonderful Miss Eaves! We had the video shoot a couple weeks ago and it has been editing editing editing ever since. The video will be done and posted next week. For now, here are a few screen shot previews.

Retro Fashion Editorial

My awesome model for this self-promo found me on Model Mayhem recently. I am so happy she visited the RCC studio and helped me with this shoot. I got lots of fun images and will share more later. This one fit best for my self-promo as a retro fashion editorial piece.

©Eric Waters 2012

Beauty Pose

I wanted to shoot a beauty session, focusing on a model’s make-up and styling. Thanks so much to Sara Allman for being such a beautiful model – and to Molly Mullin and Holly Rose Mann for creating the “look” on hair and make-up.

©Eric Waters 2012

Daisy Cakes!

Here is a collage of pastries that I photographed for the wonderful Daisy Cakes cafe in Durham, NC.  Yum!

©Eric Waters 2012

A Day in the Life: Asheboro Librarian

Doc Martens Painted with Light

For my first self-promo image of this semester, I photographed Doc Martens by painting them with the different colored light of two flashlights. The rocks were lit with amber light and the shoes were lit with blue light. The whole exposure was 30 seconds.

All images ©Eric Waters 2012

Foggy Dusk in the South

                                                      © Eric Waters 2012