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Retro Fashion Editorial

My awesome model for this self-promo found me on Model Mayhem recently. I am so happy she visited the RCC studio and helped me with this shoot. I got lots of fun images and will share more later. This one fit best for my self-promo as a retro fashion editorial piece.

©Eric Waters 2012


Beauty Pose

I wanted to shoot a beauty session, focusing on a model’s make-up and styling. Thanks so much to Sara Allman for being such a beautiful model – and to Molly Mullin and Holly Rose Mann for creating the “look” on hair and make-up.

©Eric Waters 2012

Re-Imagined Images- Black & White

Over the break,  I’ve experimented with editing some digital color images as black and white shots. So, here are a few outtakes from previous shoots, reimagined without color. Enjoy!

All images ©Eric Waters 2012

The Tripod Stays in the Shot

In our Monday product lighting photo lab we were assigned to find an ad of a product and then recreate it as closely as possible in terms of lighting by the end of the day. I choose a tripod ad from a photo magazine. The tripod I used was older and less fancy but it was a good exercise to figure out the lighting…

Here is a shot of the lighting set-up:

Fashion Flare

In the studio, I wanted to experiment with some high-key individual model fashion style shots. Caroline Simmons (a talented recent RCC graduate herself) agreed to model and we tried some different lighting styles and looks. I ended up liking the two shots below- envisioning it as a mock double page ad for a designer eyewear company. Thanks to Caroline for modeling while also giving lighting assistance on the set!

©Eric Waters 2011

Read A Book!

For one of my self-promotions, I shot a few images with the idea of a reading campaign in mind. Thanks to Lillian Higgins and Trey Lovelady (RCC newbies!) for doing a great job modeling.

©Eric Waters – 2011

Here was my studio set-up:

Self-Portraits #7, #13

Our latest weekly photo illustration assignment was to create two self-portraits. Mine are below. Enjoy!

©Eric Waters 2011

And here is the lighting set-up for my second shot:

Pringles Madness

In our lighting “workout” lab, we were put into groups of four and given four general concepts for photographing a can of Pringles. Each of us had to conceive of the look for one of the concepts and then switch with someone else; you photograph their idea while they photograph yours. Below is my final shot of Richard Valle‘s art design (which had to display the texture and shape of the chips). We only had a couple hours to shoot all four shots and I think our group (Richard, Holly Rose Mann, Emily McNeal and I) did well and had fun.

©Eric Waters 2011

Wheels in Motion

In our Product Illustration class, we were assigned to photograph with the general concept of “wheels in motion” in mind.

This was my take on that theme:

©Eric Waters 2011

Here was the studio set-up:

Future Sounds

I took my awesome Harmon/Kardon USB speaker system into the studio and shot it using the black line glass lighting technique. These are the speakers that Tron rocks out with…

©Eric Waters 2011

Here is a photo of my lighting set-up: